Mystery Makan: Table Manners

Monday, December 17, 2012

If you've been reading TheLuckiestChick since like last year or the year before you would know that we have been doing this thing called Mystery Makan where we surprise each other and bring each other to a Mystery location, click here to read the previous Mystery Makan! Didn't blog about some of the thou!


This time round it's Jacelyn's turn and Esther & I we were both late cos the rain was super super heavy and i was getting my nail done at Milly's and it ended a wee bit late!


 Brought my colleague, Amanda to Milly's to get our nails done tgt! She's mad pretty or what?! Milly has a 50% off gellish promotion now, original price is $40, now it's only $20 for gellish!

Cannot live without gellish man. I'm the pretty rough sort so if it's normal polish estimated 2-3 days confirm will chip off somewhere already -.- Imagine sitting in the nail salon to get the chio nail art done for 2-3 hours then after 2-3 days chip off already! Mad sian!!!

311284_10151091363456525_1657791053_nPicked the Lavender + Bronze glitter bits which really compliments my rose gold engagement ring perfectly. Love love love it!

Faster go get your xmas & new year nails done at Milly's!
Call  8383 5395 to make your appointment. (:

Mystery Makan Location was at Table Manners at Changi Point!


Hahaha I know i'm damn suaku but i haven't been to Changi Point before and honestly i didn't even know there was a new mall beside Changi Expo! Jialat, Leon Lim you better bring me out more! If not we both will nua at home and become mouldy before long. hahaha horrible.


Both Jacelyn & Nadnut had the 3 little pigs and they said it was good but portion could be bigger.

Hahahah Esther's hair is just getting blonder and blonder everytime i see her. That day we were teasing her about being an ah lian haha.

 I had the Lamb Shank and it was really really tender and the sauce is perfect! Portion was just enough to fill me but I was craving more because it's soooo good! Even the mash was yummy too.

Esther had the Arcadian Chicken, haha she always orders chicken! Like everytime we go out there's def a chicken dish on the table for sure.

Anyway the mains are all very affordable and along the price range of $10-$20.

How can we skip desserts right? How typical of me to pick the creme brulee. Posted on instagram of the below picture and asked what was my choice for dessert and everybody guessed creme brulee! 

Took a sinful bite from everyone's dessert and I hereby concluded that nadnut's Lemon Cheesecake & my Creme Brulee is the best! Hahaha i might be a little biased thou.

 Jace's Sea salt chocolate tart looking ridiculously delish!

All the desserts are under $10, i'll definitely be back for more of those lamb shanks with the fiance!

Table Manners
#01-68/69 Changi City Point
5 Changi Business Park Central 1
Tel: +65 6604 7669
Daily: 11am to 12am

Went for some martinis at one of the bar/pubs beside Table Manners, these lychee martinis really packed a punch man.  The alcohol like free one, super strong.

Till next time, yet another awesome Mystery Makan! (:

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

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